Welcome To My New Travel Blog

Keep watching as new posts are always coming soon as the two of us travel the country and world.

This bridge is located on one of the trails on the grounds of Fort Pickens on the West end of Santa Rosa Island in Florida.

I hope you will find the time to follow Barb and me as we begin our travels across the country.
Ours is an interesting story as we both went to the same junior high and high school in Overland Park, Kansas. Now that was nearly 50 years ago. It had been 30 years since I last saw Barb which was at a class reunion. She had a life and I had a life. Well you see we have a 50 year reunion coming up later this fall and we just happened to get in touch again. Come to find out she has some of the same interests as me. Well, I had been planning a trip out West for sometime now and she was interested in going. So guess what? Barb will making the road trip to New Orleans, along Route 66, Grand Canyon and other destinations, As I mostly will work on still photography, she will be doing video. We hope to bring everyone daily information about this adventure in this Blog and some live and recorded videos. So stay tuned as our travel adventures begin.

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