Stu and I talked a lot driving through the southwest about how schools we attended completely left out  Native American history, culture and religions. We stopped for some Indian Fry Bread (if you’ve never tasted it, you are missing amazing food). We visited Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico and caught up on some of the history we’ve previously missed.

Laguna peoples are ancient peoples and spoke a Keresan dialect. All Pueblo people are thought to be descended from Anasazi and perhaps Mogollon and several other ancient peoples, although the precise origin of the Keresan peoples is unknown. They have lived continuously in the area since at least 3000 B.C. Tradition has it that their ancestors inhabited Mesa Verde. In any case, Laguna’s prehistory is closely connected with, if not identical to, that of Acoma. 
In traditional Pueblo culture, religion and life are inseparable. To be in harmony with all of nature is the Pueblo ideal and way of life.  

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