Welcome to the new site of Photographer Stuart Schaefer

Hope you will be able to join Barb and myself on our photo adventures across the country and across  the world. You will be able to not only follow us via the Blog, but also via Instagram and YouTube.  We hope to do live feeds also during our adventures. With the help of Barb  who will be doing most of the videos during some of our travels we hope to bring some good quality photo along video travel information. So stay tuned as our travel photo adventures are about to begin.

We stopped in Gulfport this afternoon to capture some of the views. This one done via iPhone 7 Plus. Remember to follow us on www.stuartonline.com. Cheers!

Yesterday evening I spend time along the River Walk located in downtown San Antonio, Texas. If you have never been it is a place to add to your bucket list.

It was a clear blue sky during the golden hour sunset at Sabino Canyon National Park in Tucson.

It was an evening cloud glow as I captured this view at Sabino Canyon National Park in Tucson as the sun was setting.

It was an evening hiking time at Sabino Canyon National Park in Tucson last night during the golden hour magic time.

Famous bridge at Rio Puerco on historic Route 66 in New Mexico. Built in 1933. We made it!

When Stu asked me to do videos during our cross-country trip I was both excited and intimidated! I had never done a video before! But IPhones are so cool and the videos you can get are really pretty good. So, I jumped right in.

The video footage on my phone kept growing fast! I quickly found out that I love putting videos together and adding music!! I am hoping that someday, my videos will really get good! In the meantime, I am turning into a videoing maniac!!!!

Heading through New Mexico the terrain kept changing so I was going nuts with the IPhone. I leaned out the window to get a great shot and whoosh! The phone was gone!!!! I gasped an “Oh, God!” and turned to Stu with bulging eyes as he watched my precious phone bounce down the centerline of the highway in his rearview mirror! Would the thing still work? What about all the video clips and photos I’d taken as we traveled 5 states???? What about staying in touch with family and friends? What would this catastrophic mistake cost me? Already on a budget, all I could imagine was the total cost of an
entirely new phone!

Stu turned the car around a mile or so down the highway and we went searching high and low. Turns out, (thankfully) the phone did not bounce into the median. There she was-right by the centerline gleaming in the afternoon sun.

Just look at her!!!!!! Poor thing!!!! Shattered and dead, that phone looked like trucks had run over it at least 50 times!

No tears on my part, but it was a quiet ride for an hour or so as I talked with my provider and insurance folks. Next morning, we drove from Las Cruces to Albuquerque for four hours to get to the handy-dandy Apple store to trade in my hot mess and re-enter the communicating wide world!
Know how we are all so dependent on our phones? 24-hours without one is a learning experience in humility and helplessness.  By the way, only the fateful day’s videos and photos were gone forever so I lucked out. That photo leaning out the window????? It was gonna be a great shot!

The sunburst was bright during a recent sunset on the grounds of Saguaro National Forest in Tucson.

It was a sunburst through the cactus as the sun was setting on the grounds of Saguaro National Park in Tucson Arizona. Captured this setting using the new Sony A7M3 with the Sony FE 16-35mm F/4 ZA lens handheld.

It was a golden hour view of the Grand Canyon. This shot was taken from the Powell Memorial location facing East to capture the colors of the canyon as the sun was setting.

Magic awaits you at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico! We spent a few hours there capturing the white gypsum dunes and the sunset.  We wanted to stay forever!

The white dunes actually sparkled in the sunlight with the texture of the gypsum finer than sugar.White Sands is the largest gypsum dune field in the world, covering over 275 square miles.
Drive US 70, 15 miles southwest or Alamogordo and 54 miles east of Las Cruces. www.nps.gov/whsa
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